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Turkish Evil Eye and Hamzah hand


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Turkish Blue glass Evil Eye and Hamzah hand Wall Hanging Ornament also known as the Turkish Nazar Beads

Offered as a triple Evil Eye Home Protection Charm Set of 3 for wall decor with your choice of blue or red rope.


The Evil Eye idea:

The Evil eye bead, which is known as a protection in Turkish and Greek culture, protects you from bad energy. The evil eye beads produced from glass accumulate bad energy inside itself and are believed to break after a certain period of time.

Material: The product is produced from glass. Made in Turkey.

Design: The product is designed in small, medium and large glass evil eye beads and rope. It is in a set of 3. Due to the fact that each product is handcrafted, there may be a slightly different hue and pattern difference among different products. The evil eyes are also not centred in the middle as each of our product is unique.

Colour: Evil eye is blue and white with a silver Hamzah hand.


Evil eye wall hanging total dimension: Small 24 cm , Medium 29 cm,  Large 32 cm .

Glass evil eye bead diameter: Small 4 cm , Medium 9 cm,  Large 11 cm


Perfect for Gift: Give decorative talisman and charm ornament to your loved ones. You can also use it as wall hanging decoration, amulet, blessing and protection for outdoor, interior door, office, home decor.

3x Blue glass Turkish evil eye and hamzah hand wall decor set. –

Small, medium and large – one of each



Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 32 × 19 × 5 cm


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