All you need makeup set



All you need from start to finish! This combo set equips you with :
– 3 beauty blenders to help you get that flawless makeup look
– Headband to help remove any unwanted hair from the face
– Our one of a kind Makeup eraser cloth
– Face exfoliator cloth to remove unwanted dead skin cells and leave you looking flawless and feeling rejuvenated!

Not sure how to use the eraser?

Simply rinse the cloth under running water, wipe your face and watch all your make up be removed. Repeat daily.

Its as easy as that. Face wash is not necessary for the makeup cloth to remove makeup but can be used if wanted.

Face exfoliator can be used before after use of the make up eraser. It removes all those dead skin cells to ensure you leave you with the softest and smoothest skin. It rejuvenating your face

With antibacterial properties its a must buy.

After use simply rinse with water and hang to dry. It is quick drying and easily washable making it that much easier and convenient even on your travels and holidays.

NB: Rinse cloth under hot water before first use, to remove any excess fibre

Colour and Type

BLUE, BLUE – Teardrop, BLUE – Oval, PINK, PINK – Teardrop, PINK – Oval, PURPLE, PURPLE – Teardrop, Purple – Oval


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